CIA Engages in Illegal Activity

Classifies Information to Conceal Its Actions and Invokes the State Secrets Privilege to Hide Violations of Executive Orders


                                                                - How the CIA Did It -



Kevin Shipp Documents Evidence of CIA Violations of Executive Order 12333, 2.4; a, b, c

(Prohibition of CIA surveillance of US citizens)


·      CIA Followed the Shipp family on and off the facility

·      CIA ordered security guards to follow the Shipp family

·      CIA head of base Chris X ordered surveillance of Shipp family and followed family off the facility

·      Base official Jason X carried out surveillance of Shipp family and ordered security guards to do so (security

       guards provided affidavits)

·      CIA conducted electronic eavesdropping of Kevin Shipp’s office computer and the Shipp’s residence

·      CIA conducted electronic surveillance on Kevin Shipp’s cell phone

·      CIA destroyed official reports of the break in to the Shipp residence

·      CIA head of base Chris X, removed all records of toxic contamination of the Shipp residence (witness



CIA Violates Executive Order 12356

Section 1.7, a, 1-4

(Prohibition of CIA classifying information to conceal illegal activity or information embarrassing to the CIA)


Kevin Shipp Documents Evidence of CIA Violations of Executive Order 12356


·      CIA classifies all unclassified attorney memos

·      CIA classifies doctor’s diagnoses of toxic exposure

·      CIA classifies environmental test results

·      CIA redacts information contained in private environmental test report

·      CIA redacts all information in Shipp’s book, “From the Company of Shadows,” detailing environmental test

        results, doctor’s diagnoses, evidence of the CIA following the Shipp family, CIA intimidation of Shipp’s

         attorneys and break in to the Shipp’s residence

·      CIA Office of Inspector General is complicit in cover up of the Shipp case and targeting of Mr. Shipp

       (testimony of former OIG official)



CIA Illegally Invokes the State Secrets Privilege

(Used to Silence Lawsuits against the CIA, Citing, “National Security”)


CIA Seals all of Shipp’s Evidence and Prevents Congress from Access


Based on Shipp’s Evidence, a Federal Judge Orders the CIA to a Mediated Settlement in Washington, DC


·      CIA signs legal mediated settlement agreement

·      CIA contacts Shipp attorney and threatens to invoke the state secrets privilege if Shipp does not accept a

       fraction of the settlement

·      Shipp demands the CIA abide by the signed settlement

·      CIA invokes the state secrets privilege and seals all Shipp’s evidence, including from Congress

·      CIA threatens the Shipp family and their attorney with criminal penalties if they discuss evidence in the case

       with anyone

·      CIA conceals the Shipp case from public disclosure regarding the use of the State Secrets Privilege by the


Risking Criminal Penalties, Shipp Goes Public with the CIA’s Violations of Executive Orders

and Illegal Use of the State Secrets Privilege


·      Shipp loses his retirement

·      Shipp family is forced to go on unaffordable health insurance COBRA

·      The CIA destroys the CIA credit union hardship loan, already approved for Shipp, and increases the interest

        rate on all Shipp’s CIA credit union loans

·      CIA orders OPM not to disburse Shipp’s retirement cash value needed to sustain the Shipp family (a felony)

·      CIA blocks Shipp from employment offered by two of Shipp’s former supervisors, now employed by a private

       firm (testimony of one of these supervisors)


Attorney Letter Exposing CIA Cover Up


Government Blocks Constitutional Expert

(Attorney had current government clearance)





Gag order issued against Mr. Shipp.  After a secret meeting with the judge, the judge ordered the case to proceed based on evidence. The CIA coerced the judge to issue a gag order. It was withheld for two years, "too sensitive," then provided below, blacked out.

- Entrapment -

CIA Office of Inspector General (OIG) Complicity in the Cover Up:

As a loyal employee, I reported my family's poisoning, the break-in of our residence and illegal activities that had been occurring at the secret site, to the CIA/OIG.  The OIG gave me a false name, in an office that did not exist. My calls were never returned.  The retribution began, my career was destroyed, my family's finances ruined and my wife and children's health continued to deteriorate.  

During my time as a Program Manager for a company called USIS (I managed the multi-million dollar Department of State, Diplomatic Security, Anti-Terrorism Assistance (DOS/DS/ATA) global police training program), I attended a program manager's offsite in Phoenix, AZ, hosted by the CEO.  Attending the off-site was a retired member of the CIA/OIG, now also a program manager (I am withholding his name for his sake). During the evening social hour, he sat down next to me at the table and proceeded to confide in me that he was assigned to the CIA/OIG when I reported my case to them. He stated that the OIG was working with CIA management to silence me and cover up my case, on orders from the Director, George Tenet.  According to him, the CIA was terrified my case would go public and would reach the news media. The 7th floor and the CIA/OIG had worked together to silence me at all costs. This former OIG officer apologized for what I had gone through. I appreciated him confiding in me, and it took courage for him to do so. But, it was too little too late. These events can be verified by checking USIS records and talking to witnesses. His name can be easily identified. 


A federal investigation should be conducted on the CIA/OIG and officers assigned there at the time.


Letter Faxed to Each Member of the Intelligence Committees

Exposing the Cover Up

(Intelligence Committees Ignored the Letter and the Evidence)

Congressman Frank Wolfe heroically contacted the CIA seven times demanding an investigation.  The CIA ignored Congressman Wolfe's request for evidence.


November 2007


MEMORANDUM FOR:  Congressman Christopher Shays

                                                Congresswoman Janice Schakowsky

                                                Congressman John Tierney 

                                                 Senator John Warner, SSCI 

                                                Senator Diane Feinstein, SSCI

                                                Senator Evan Bayh, SSCI

                                                Senator John Edwards, SSCI

                                                Congresswoman Jane Harman, HPSCI

                                                Congressman Randy Cunningham, HPSCI

                                                Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, HPSCI

                                                Congressman John Conyers, Jr.

                                                Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi


FROM:                                  Kevin M. Shipp                     


SUBJECT:                             Misuse of Secrecy Statutes to Circumvent Civil                                                           and Constitutional Law



1.  The purpose of this memorandum is to document and report that the Defendant, an Agency of the federal government, in a personal injury civil suit is attempting to use the “Secrecy Statute” to cover up details surrounding the injury of members of my family, including young children.  Based on constitutional law and existing legal guidelines, the abuse of this statute to cover up the Defendant’s possible civil liability and criminal activity could constitute conspiracy to obstruct civil court proceedings, obstruction of justice and a violation of United States constitutional law.  Based on evidence in my possession and information provided by Defendant’s counsel through our attorneys, it is clear that the Defendant is attempting to cover up the following activities:


  • Following my request as an executive manager, an impartial government environmental inspector from another Agency examined our house on Defendant’s facility and advised that the situation was potentially serious, due to the possible existence of toxic substances combined with my family’s illnesses.  This inspector stated that every house on the facility needed to be tested.  The Defendant eliminated his comments, generated a memorandum indicating there was no problem, and then refused to have the house environmentally tested.  We have this inspector’s comments on unedited audiotape and three witnesses witnessed his comments.

  • After an independent environmental company had been selected and approved, the Defendant secretly canceled that company and inserted their own, a company already in a contract with Defendant, just before the testing was to take place.

  • The Defendant’s environmental company performed an erroneous environmental study, leaving the sliding glass doors open during internal air testing.  I closed these doors and they were reopened three times.  There are three witnesses to these events. Two other environmental experts advised that this test was erroneous.  An environmental expert who observed the house and Defendant’s test is willing to testify to the above information.

  • The Defendant failed to acknowledge or advise us that other toxic substances could be contaminating the residence.   The Defendant has threatened us and our attorneys, ordering us not to disclose this information.

  • After Defendant performed an erroneous environmental study and independent studies showed there were toxic substances in the house, the Defendant refused to properly test the residence.  Because I had no other recourse, I filed an official grievance with the Defendant, in accordance with Defendant procedures, in an attempt to rectify the matter internally.  The portions of this grievance dealing with our family’s toxic exposure were unclassified.  I am the one who wrote the document and classified small portions to protect the location and the names of individuals.  I portion marked the unclassified paragraphs, which were the majority.  This unclassified information is releasable, but the Defendant has refused to provide it. 

  • Defendant claimed that this grievance had been lost.  When I pressed the issue, several weeks later Defendant claimed it had located the grievance.  Defendant provided this grievance to its attorneys, but denied our family’s attorneys access.

  • Defendant never responded to the grievance in writing, a violation of Defendant’s own regulations.  No answer to the grievance has been received to date.

  • When I pressed Defendant to give our attorneys access to the grievance, Defendant provided a fabricated copy, written in someone else’s handwriting and only one page in length (the grievance was approximately 12 pages long).

  • The Defendant refused to test the residence of the employee living next door, despite the fact that there was evidence of extensive toxic black mold and possibly other toxic substances in the house.  She and her daughter were ill and had requested the testing.

  • A panel, contaminated with toxic mold that posed a health hazard, identified even by the defendant’s company and removed from the house, was secretly reinstalled.  Large holes to the crawl space, also identified to contain hazardous substances, were left open contrary even to the findings of the loose test done by the Defendant.  This caused large amounts of air from the crawl space to leak into the living space.

  • The residence was illegally entered, on the Defendant’s facility, during evacuation and quarantine on at least two occasions.  A box of contaminated personal property was removed from the residence during one of these occasions.

  • Defendant’s official removed records of water damage and other environmental information regarding the house from the facilities files.  These files were never returned and never provided as part of discovery.  We have a witness to these events.

  • Security guard reports, indicating that guards were ordered to conduct surviellance on our family, which included our children, were removed from the guard records.

  • Defendant’s official revealed the full extent of classified activities of the facility to my wife, who does not hold a security clearance.  Defendant’s attorneys allowed my son to be privy to discussions, which involved the classified nature of the base.  My son does not have a security clearance.  These constitute unauthorized disclosures.  These disclosures caused my wife and son severe mental trauma.

  • I notified the Defendant that I wanted to take my case to the internal Inspector General, regarding illegal entry to our residence and Defendant’s efforts to suppress information relating to our family’s toxic exposure.  Defendant’s grievance officer provided me with the name of a person who did not exist.  When I reported to the Inspector General’s (IG) office personally, I was told this person did not work there.  Two weeks later, the IG representative advised me that they did not handle such cases (although the IG is required to do so).

  • Defendant coerced the court to place a gag order on our family’s case and then refused to let us see the order, claiming it was too sensitive.  Two years later, we were provided a redacted copy of the order in which at least 50% of the information is missing. 

  • Defendant agreed to a mediated settlement with our family and signed the mediation paperwork.  Two days later, Defendant broke the agreement.

  • After Defendant refused to honor the mediated settlement, Defendant offered our family a fraction of the settlement amount and threatened to shut the case down using secrecy laws if our family did not accept.

  • Defendant refused to grant us the counsel of Jonathan Turley, a well-known constitutional attorney and law professor, who holds a current government security clearance higher than that required for our case.

  • Defendant sent a letter threatening us and our attorneys if we engaged in discussions with Jonathan Turley regarding our case.

  • Defendant refused to grant Jonathan Turley a Defendant security clearance.

  • Defendant ordered our attorneys not to discuss even unclassified elements of our case with Mr. Turley.  When requested by our attorneys to advise what information Mr. Turley could have access to, the Defendant claimed that Defendant was not sure what information Mr. Turley could or could not have access to.

  • Our attorneys advised that they are convinced that the Defendant is purposely not giving them security guidance so Defendant can trap them in a security violation.

  • After my attorney pressed the issue further, Defendant gave my attorney access to the real grievance document in an intimidating environment.  Immediately after my attorney reviewed the document, and upon my return to my office, the Defendant ordered me to me to sign a statement that I had engaged in insubordination and misused a government credit card.  When I respectfully refused, my badge was taken, canceled and I was walked out of the Defendant’s facility in front of my peers.

  • After my resignation because of these incidents and threats to my career, Defendant blocked my employment with two separate private contractors, preventing me from gaining employment, which was desperately needed to pay medical and property loss expenses.  This was recorded on legal, unedited audiotape.

  • Defendant withheld my federal and thrift plan retirement benefits, which was all our family had to live on, in violation of federal law.  The statements of a government official verifying this are on a legal, unedited audiotape.

  • After being processed and approved for a family hardship loan, Defendant’s credit union canceled the loan and increased the payments on our loans instead of decreasing them.  Defendant’s own employee expressed his opinion that this appeared to be retribution.  His remarks are on legal, unedited audiotape.

  • After refusing to provide proper equipment for processing information relating to our case, Defendant threatened our attorneys with unauthorized disclosure of information.

  • Defendant ordered our attorneys not to write, speak or store information regarding our case without Defendant issuing them a safe, telephone and computer.  Defendant then refused to provide this equipment for over a year.  When challenged by our attorneys, Defendant feigned ignorance and blamed our attorneys.

  • Defendant spread rumors inside Defendant’s organization that I was “paranoid.”  I have a written statement by a witness to these statements by Defendant. 

  • Defendant concealed criminal activity on the Defendant’s facility from other federal authorities.  Defendant’s representatives obstructed the criminal investigation I was supervising on Defendant’s facility.

  • Defendant refused to act on reported serious security lapses on Defendant’s facility just prior to the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

  • Defendant failed to pass on security lapses I reported to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI).

  • A report by our attorney to the HPSCI and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) of illegal activity by the Defendant was ignored. 

  • A report of Defendant’s illegal activity to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by our attorney was ignored.  The FBI advised our attorney that the Defendant had told the FBI agent that Defendant was handling the case and the FBI should drop it.

  • Defendant’s senior official lied to investigators about his orders for our family to use a government credit card during evacuation. 

  • Defendant’s medical officer lied in documented official traffic, indicating he had interviewed our family regarding toxic exposure when he had not; because he refused to conduct a tape-recorded interview.

  • After environmental testing, Defendant’s official followed our son off the Defendant’s facility onto a public road without legal authorization.

  • Defendant caused our family to loose federal health insurance benefits, which blocked our family from receiving medical treatment for physical and mental injury caused by the Defendant.

  • Defendant refused to interview FBI, CID and Defendant employees, listed as witnesses in the grievance, who witnessed illegal activity and retribution against my career by the Defendant.

  • Defendant refused to provide a Defendant clearance to CID agents investigating our family’s personal injury case and illegal entries to our residence.  Because of this, I could not discuss details of the case with these agents during an official investigation.  CID agents were required to provide their findings only to a representative of Defendant.

  • Defendant removed security guard records regarding our family’s report of illegal entry into our residence.  We have written statements of this activity from these security guards.

  • Although I was an open employee with W-2 statements from Defendant, Defendant attempted to prevent me from listing my open employment with Defendant during my search for new employment.

  • Defendant refused to allow independent environmental testing of our residence by a reputable company.  Defendant would not allow any other study to be conducted other than Defendant’s own.

  • Defendant’s actions caused my wife and oldest son to suffer from clinically diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • Defendant refused to provide a clearance to our family’s psychologist.  When our attorneys pressed the issue, Defendant took one year to clear this doctor and six months to brief him after he received the clearance.

  • Defendant has threatened our family and our attorneys to such an extent that everyone defending our case is concerned that Defendant will attempt to build a conspiracy to violate federal law case (making public to the news media Defendant’s actions) against them to prevent Defendant’s actions from becoming public and as a counter to our family’s civil suit.

  • Defendant’s actions caused our family severe financial problems, driving us to the brink of bankruptcy and ruining our credit, which previously was spotless.

  • Defendant possibly influenced the judge illegally by engaging in discussions our attorneys were not privy to and by providing documents our attorneys were prevented from seeing via discovery. 

  • Defendant has dragged this case on for four years after our family’s injuries were suffered, preventing our family from having a speedy trial and attempting to coerce our family into dropping the case against them.

  • Defendant caused serious diagnosed physical and mental injury to our family, including young children.  Medical tests showed serious immune system deficiency as a result of toxic exposure.

  • Defendant caused our family significant medical expenses.

  • Defendant caused our family to lose all of our personal possessions, including irreplaceable sentimental family items.



2.  All of these facts are documented either by doctor’s diagnosis, photographs, independent environmental studies, the testimony of at least two witnesses and legal, unedited audiotapes.  None of these items of evidence are classified, none of these are government property and all are releasable to the public.


3.  As a loyal American citizen who believes strongly in the protections provided to the American people under the constitution, and the basic tenets of freedom, I am outraged by Defendant’s actions in this case.   Defendant’s actions have resulted in preventing our family from obtaining a speedy trial, the right to counsel and the right of proper discovery for the attorneys representing our case.  The Defendant moved to have a gag order issued in our case, and then prevented us from seeing it.


4.  As noted above, Defendant’s actions have resulted in our family suffering significant physical, mental, emotional and financial damage.  This includes serious trauma to young children.  Because of Defendant’s actions, I have watched my children suffer from nightmares, afraid of what their own government is doing to them, resulting in the loss of their childhood innocence.  I have also watched the severe mental duress of my oldest son, almost resulting in the loss of his life.


5.  I have watched Defendant virtually destroy my wife, by threatening her with a gag order and fabricated threats of violating national security; causing her to fear the loss of her children and going to jail.  The trauma the Defendant has caused her has also come close to the loss of her life.  In addition, the unauthorized disclosures made to my wife by Defendant’s representative caused her more duress, by allowing her to know what existed at Defendant’s facility and who was doing this to her family.


6.  As a professional, I have endured the Defendant destroying my career, destroying my personal finances and destroying my reputation as retribution for filing a civil suit against the Defendant.  The Defendant knows full well that I was a consistent top performer and had risked my life for my country.  Far worse however, I have endured the Defendant slowly destroying my wife and my children. 


7.  The Defendant’s actions demonstrate a total disregard for constitutional and civil liberties and represent a clear abuse of power.  If the Defendant was legitimately concerned about protecting national security, instead of veiling illegal activity, the Defendant would have heeded previous reports of significant security lapses and criminal activity at Defendant’s facility.


8.  As a citizen who loves this country and has risked my life to protect it, I request that you investigate this matter and request that San Antonio Federal District Judge Orlando Garcia lift the “gag order” on this case so that your staff can appropriately examine the facts involved.  Because this case involves my wife and children, I cannot allow the Defendant to cover up its actions using the abuse of the “Secrecy Statutes.” 





Very truly yours,



Kevin M. Shipp


Warrenton, Virginia  20187

(540) 347-4850


Decontamination Team

Preparing Personal Belongings for Destruction

(CIA Suppressed Photo)

From the Company of Shadows

All Information Exposing the Cover Up

Blacked Out by the CIA

Letter to Intelligence Committee






Court ordered Settlement Agreement signed by the CIA. The CIA acknowledged the validity of the evidence I presented, accepted responsibility and signed the settlement agreement in the presence of the mediator, a retired federal judge.

Three days later, the CIA contacted my attorney and threatened, if we did not accept a fraction of this settlement agreement, the CIA would invoke the State Secrets Privilege. This would, seal all the evidence, even from Congress.  The CIA threatened me and my family with prison if we talked about the case to anyone. I refused and demanded the CIA abide by the legal, mediated settlement. The CIA then invoked the State Secrets Privilege and sealed the case. Congressman Frank Wolf heroically took our case an contacted the CIA demanding an investigation. The CIA refused to take his calls, four times. The fifth time, the CIA advised Congressman Wolf he had no right to access the information in the case because it was, "a legal matter," i.e., the State Secrets Privilege.  The State Secrets Privilege was rubber stamped by a federal judge (see articles documenting federal judge's deference to the CIA and NSA in invoking the privilege and any appeals.

The Price

I came out, went public and exposed the CIA's abuse of the State Secrets Privilege to conceal evidence of toxic exposure and personal injury. I built a code in my book exposing the illegal black outs (redactions). For five years, I risked going to prison. I am still willing to pay that price. I am still taking that risk.  My family continues to suffer from serious health issues as a result of this exposure.

Although I consider myself of least importance, I have been targeted for 18 years and the promise in the settlement that we would never be surveilled again has been broken.  Enough is enough. If something happens to me, my family deserves justice for what they have suffered.

Only photograph of my family the CIA allowed in my book. Their identities, names and faces were sealed by the CIA. The code I placed in my book reveals who they are.

Official Report of the Break-in to Our House

(CIA official removed the memo from records)

Witness Statement/Signed Affidavit 


Blood Test Results Taken During Toxic Exposure

Significant Damage to Immune System

CIA Sealed Test Results

CIA blacked out in my book

Report from Environmental Inspector

(CIA Sealed the Report)

1994 - During State Secrets Privilege Appeal - Environmental Expert Was Shot in the Head, Execution Style - Remains An Unsolved Case

Page from book manuscript

Blacked Out by the CIA  

Unclassified Evidence of Toxic Exposure, Break-in, Document Destruction