Author's Note:  From the Company of Shadows

(Black outs added by the CIA)


During my career at the CIA, I functioned as an internal CIA staff security officer, federal investigator, protective agent for the Director of Central Intelligence, chief of training for the CIA police force, assistant counter assault team leader, operational security team leader, counterintelligence investigator, Counter Terrorism Center officer, international information systems security officer, polygraph examiner and federal police officer. I was a Category I employee.

Because of my previous employment with the CIA, I must abide by my duty to protect CIA sources and methods. I have been careful to protect the true names of CIA employees, locations and any other information that could jeopardize the Agency or my former co-workers. Thus, I do not discuss my employment status (during my career I have also been assigned to several other government agencies), specific locations, true names of individuals or any other organizations involved. I use pseudonyms for individuals discussed in this book, and the names of all locations involved.

What you will read is a full expose’ of CIA operations. I will also describe the Agency’s use of secrecy                                                                                                                                                                          . This will provide, in detail, internal CIA operations, sometimes humorous, I was a part of; revealed to the public for the first time. It details the CIA’s role in the war on terror and results of the author’s experience and research on this subject. The book follows my career as a CIA officer through the many experiences I had while conducting internal security investigations and overseas covert operations.