The Final Revelation


Newspaper stories blamed our family's illness on black mold. This is not why the CIA attacked me and my family so brutally.  Why would the CIA block, then falsify environmental testing for something this simple? I let this story go for years, protecting what I knew about the site.  But, considering the CIA's atrocities, the time has come for the American people, and my family, to know the truth. 


Blood tests revealed our family had been exposed to Trichothecene Mycotoxins (biological weapon used in the Gulf War).






The house was broken into and a chemical painted on the cieling where we had identified Mycotoxins.


A retired senior officer of the CIA Investigations Group (IG), involved in handling my case, confided to me at a private corporate manager’s off-site that the CIA was terrified my story would become public and the true nature of the base would be exposed to the public.  This is why they went after me with a vengeance.


Despite the attacks on me, for eighteen years I have held back the real reason the CIA covered up and sealed my case, and why my wife and children were simply collateral damage for the CIA.


The time has come for the public to see what the CIA really is.


I do not know what will happen to me, nor does it concern me. The full truth must be known.


Buried under the houses and other large areas of the base were stores of mustard gas. A security guard confided in me that he had found a large pile of liquid mustard gas ampules on the base, despite base management claims that the mustard gas had been removed years ago. A mustard gas shell percolated up in the front yard of the house.

But the reason the CIA was desperate to cover up the case was much more sinister, if not horrific.


Buried on the facility are the assassination pistols used in CIA Operation Phoenix.  I examined one personally. 


During Operation Phoenix the CIA assassinated 40,000 Vietnamese citizens, merely because they were suspected of supporting Communism. This was genocide.


Also buried on the site was a remnant of CIA Operation Paper Clip; during which the CIA provided falsified files to President Harry Truman and smuggled Nazi scientists into the US to work for the CIA.


Nazi war criminal Heinrich Himmler was a close personal friend of CIA Director Allen Dulles. Dulles supported and protected Himmler from being tried and executed.  Himmler’s Nazi staff car is buried on the site.


Not even Congress knows about these activities, nor do they want to know. When Congressional staffers visited the base for, “oversight,” the "Chief of Base" treated them to an expensive dinner; then we took them to the explosive’s range and let them fire several exotic weapons. With smiles on their faces, they thanked us for the tour and left the base for Washington, DC.