Medical Documents

All  concealed by the CIA

Medical Tests revealed every member of the family had been exposed to a toxin, affecting their immune system. The inside walls of the house were covered with toxic black mold. A mustard gas shell percolated up from the ground under the house. Air from the contaminated dirt crawl space was leaking into the living space.  My demands for testing were denied for unknown reasons and the cover up began.  We were never allowed to determine the source of the toxic exposure.  I knew large quantities of mustard gas had been buried on the site.  Medical tests revealed exposure to toxic mold and exposure to an unknown toxin seriously affecting our immune systems and neurological function. Whatever it was, the CIA did not want it to become public. If the public knew what was buried there, and what it was used for, Congress would shut the CIA down.

The daughter of the employee in the house next to us was bed ridden with severe headaches, delusion and neurological impairment, similar to my wife. The doctors could not determine the cause. The employee living in the house across the street had the symptoms of a brain tumor. CAT scans revealed there was no tumor and the doctors were baffled. The daughter of an employee in the house up the hill was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. The daughter of the employee living in the house previously was diagnosed with leukemia.

And these were just the illnesses I knew about. 

Something lethal was buried at the site and the CIA wanted it hidden.

"Mr. Shipp, your son's immune system is so damaged it resembles exposure to a burst of radiation." 

                                                          Dr. Michael Gray,

(Nationally known immunologist)




Signed affidavits from base officials witnessing the removal of all records pertaining to toxins in the residence and orders to follow our family - were removed from my personal records during an entry to our house. These individuals are still willing to testify.