From the Company of Shadows – The Shadow Code


9, 14, 20, B: AA, EG, FE, GH,


9,14,20, C:  A,FK, BA, CD.

4, 5, 4, B:  B,C,D,F/Handicap.




Letters are numbers and numbers are letters

First letter in a double letter set equals the paragraph number.  Second letter equals the word in that paragraph

Letters are the beginning of words.  Words make up the coded message

Write out the alphabet with a corresponding number next to it (1-26)

A period represents the end of a code for that section of the book

Commas separate each paragraph/word combination

Commas separate numbers so they stand alone and are not grouped as one number

Commas separate letters, indicates words are separate

Letter followed by comma, then more than one letter equals line with more than one word

Letter with a colon after it equals the paragraph number

Letter(s) with a /, followed by letters equals word continues from one sentence to the next

Handicap means handicap sign, follow arrow


9, 14, 20, B: AA, EG, FE, GH,



Int para 2: 1/1,5/7,6/5,7/8,10/10,12/5,14/11-15/1,17-1/13,20/8,22/8.


9,14,20, C:  A,FK, BA, CD.


Int para 3: 1/6,11-2/1,3/4.


4, 5, 4, B:  B,C,D,F/Handicap.


Ded, para 2:  Lorena, Joey, Bobby, Carly/Find Handicap Sign – Arrow


Letters and numerical equivalent


A 1

B 2

C 3


E 5

F 6

G 7

H 8

I 9

J 10

K 11

L 12

M 13

N 14

O 15

P 16

Q 17

R 18

S 19

T 20

U 21

V 22

W 23

X 24

Y 25

Z 26




First letter of each bullet


Photo of Shadow Family


Oldest son Joey (medical records sealed), wife and daughter


Author Photo


The author standing in front of the Waycross, GA courthouse, the city where the state secrets privilege case, US v. Reynolds, originated.  The case resulted in reports of negligence, leading to the death of three civilian engineers, being sealed and withheld from their widows.


4, 5, 4, B:  B,C,D,F/Handicap.

Ded, para 2:  Lorena, Joey, Bobby, Carly/Find Handicap Sign - Arrow

Full Key Message


Dedication,  Paragraph 1

To Sue.


Without you this book would not have been possible. Thank you for your unselfish love and support.


Dedication, Paragraph 2

To Lorena, Joey, Bobby and Carly.


I hope this book somehow explains all the months I was gone and the difficult times you endured because of my career. I hope it also brings you some measure of comfort from the agonizing events you suffered. I love you all.



The author and his xxxxxx


9, 14, 20, B: AA, EG, FE, GH,



Int para 2: 1/1,5/7,6/5,7/8,10/10,12/5,14/11-15/1,17-1/13,20/8,22/8.


Introduction, Paragraph 2








NK/OA=cover up

Q/AM=state secrets




9,14,20, C:  A,FK, BA, CD.


Int para 3: 1/6,11-2/1,3/4.


Introduction,  Paragraph 3


A,FK =Congress

BA =(hold CIA) accountable

CD =Constitution



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx identities and case facts are hidden in secret.



[Code:  First letter of each bullet reveals the blacked out words.]

My family was devastated by our government’s abuse xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I have since married my best friend and gained a wonderful new life on a farm in South Georgia.  I continue to work as a consultant and subject matter expert in intelligence, anti terrorism, executive protection and as a freelance journalist.  My wife is teaching me to be a farmer; something quite a bit more challenging than what I did for a career! But, she is good at it, and I have the sore muscles to prove it.  I am learning the complexities of successful farming from a local neighbor, Harvey. Harvey is the master and I am the grasshopper. Through all of this, I have gained a new perspective on life.  It includes these simple lessons:

  • Sue, my current wife, and I now live on a little farm in the Southeast.  I spend my time living my life’s dream, experiencing the fullness of nature, growing our own food, writing, lecturing and teaching.  All things have a tendency to work out for the good

  • The events I went through taught me the greatest lesson in life.  True success is having peace of mind and heart no matter what is going on around you.  Happiness is the absence of worry

  • Always, in the back of my mind is the thought that it is our Constitution that makes us what we are as a people

  • Too many people take for granted the freedoms we have in America.  If we neglect to fight to keep them, we will lose them

  • Early in the mornings, Sue and I watch the rising of the sun.  God’s creation goes on whether man notices it or not. True meaning in life is only found by those who diligently seek it

  • Sue is a master gardener.  I have learned so much from her love for plants, flowers and vegetable gardens.  As the saying goes, “Gardening is a way of showing you believe in tomorrow”

  • Each step in learning the ways of organic farming is like a science experiment.  It has been fascinating. At first, my type-A personality could not handle it. The more I learned, the more I realized just how complex and scientific farming really is.  This formerly high speed CIA agent missed it for two decades

  • Contrary to popular belief, the Agrarian life is exciting and full of pleasant surprises.  It’s no wonder the farmers in our area live to be in their late 80s and 90s

  • Rarely have we seen communities that are so close, so giving and so reliant on each other.  I suppose this is the way we were meant to live

  • Each step in our organic, off the grid gardening “experiment” has been as fascinating and fulfilling as anything I have ever done   

  • The events of the past ten years have begun to fade, slowly.  Memories will stay; both bad and good. We can replace the bad ones with new, bright experiences.  It just takes time

  • Starting over is not easy, especially when you are used to going at a hundred miles an hour.  It literally took me months to slow down. I realized I had become an adrenaline junky

  • Parenting was the joy of my life.  My kids still remain my greatest love.  Kids are something you can take with you, if your goal is heaven

  • Riding Harleys is our love.  We are both in our 50s. The feeling of freedom you get on a motorcycle and the measure of risk involved keeps you young.  As the joke goes, now we can see why dogs stick their heads out the windows of moving cars

  • Invariably, the memories of the past ten years try to come back and haunt me.  I have faced serious risk in my career; from terrorists, spies and criminals. Here is the greatest lesson.  Most of our problems are between our ears. It is not what has happened to you that counts; it’s how you handle it

  • Virtue comes from true moments of reflection.  Our society has become so busy with paying bills, sitting in traffic, listening to iPods, blasting music in our cars and hosting parties that we have drowned out the time we need to meditate and think about what really matters in life.  It has deeply affected our morality

  • In the tough times I have learned that only three things matter:  Faith, family and friends

  • Lessons are difficult aspects of life.  But they are necessary. They teach us to appreciate the people we have in our lives and to cherish all that we have been given, regardless of the amount

  • Every one of us will have challenges.  It is the stuff of life

  • Get into life with all the “gusto” you can.  Breathe the air up in the mountains. Watch the sunrise over a pond.  Stand in the rain. Lie in the sun on the beach and listen to the children play.  Take all of it in. There is such a short time to enjoy it

  • Every person in your life is important.  Be tender to babies, have fun with children, respect and learn from the aged.  Love your family, accepting their faults. Be true to your friends and someone they can trust with their secrets.  After all, life is about people. It is about giving


Author in front of the Waycross, GA courthouse

City where the state secrets privilege case US v. Reynolds originated


Verse of Inspiration


“For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.  But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light.”

Ephesians 5:12-13, the Bible