The state of the economy is so serious that the current emergency measures cannot continue more then another week or two – without causing permanent damage to the economy, that will last for decades. We know that 80% of the people who contract COVID-19 completely recover. The vast majority of deaths occur in people over 50 with chronic pre-existing conditions, and primarily in people over 60 (Italy is a classic example). In my analysis, the best course of action is to focus on quarantine and care for this high-risk group and allow the low risk majority of Americans go back to work and businesses to open. The virus will run its course, as the science has shown, and the infection curve will trend towards a very low percentage or zero. In my view, this is the only way to deal with the virus and rescue the economy concurrently.

Former CIA Officer Exposes the Deep State/Shadow Government

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...What you will read is a full expose’ of CIA operations. I will also describe the Agency’s use of secrecy                                . This will provide, in detail, internal CIA operations, sometimes humorous, I was a part of; revealed to the public for the first time. It
details the CIA’s role in the war on terror and results of the author’s experience and research on this subject. The book follows my career as a CIA officer through the many experiences I had while conducting internal security investigations and overseas covert...

The CIA is a unique federal organization.  It operates under a thick canopy of secrecy. Covert agents killed in the line of duty become lonely stars etched into the wall of CIA headquarters.  Those officers that live must remain seated at ceremonies recognizing patriots that serve openly in the military; sacrificing the recognition they so often deserve.  This can be a lonely experience.  Kevin Shipp knows that feeling.  The sacrifices CIA officers have made, including risking their lives, remain hidden; locked away in their memories.  For many officers, it is a unique brand of courage that will never be known. This book is about that Agency and the life of one of those officers.  It is written to provide a three-hundred-sixty-degree view of the CIA and how it operates; in the light and in the dark.  Kevin Shipp risked his life in service to the CIA and his country.  That same courage would later place him between the CIA and the US Constitution. He would become one of the only CIA officers in history to publicly stand up against one of the most powerful agencies in the world.

The Shadow Government is a system that manipulates Washington, DC behind the scenes, that operates beyond the control of Congress, that even dictates the actions of the president and affects the daily lives of every American. It is real and has been growing in complexity for over sixty years. While the American people work long hours just to survive and make ends meet, the Shadow Government spends billions of dollars on secret operations, overthrowing governments and engages in covert wars that kill thousands – all without any vote or say by the American people; the people that pay the taxes the Shadow Government uses to fund these operations. 


While their Congressmen and Senators promise they will make their lives better and improve their difficult standard of living, these same Congressmen vote for billions of dollars in military and covert action programs, taking contributions from the lobbyists of connected Shadow Government military industrial corporations. The people starve while the kings shower themselves with gold.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.                         

 When government fears the people, there is liberty."

                                                         Thomas Jefferson


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